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breakdown. >> house speaker john john john boehner's rewritten debt plan is up for a vote on the house floor. >> let's pass this bill and end this crisis. >> reporter: speaker boehner spent the last two days trying to reign in skeptical tea party republicans, who say the spending cuts still isn't enough. republicans and democrats clashed on the house floor, as they debated the legislation that will raise the debt ceiling in two steps. >> i am deeply concerned that the short-term plan offered by speaker boehner would put us right back, right back here on the precipice of eminent default. >> reporter: in just a few months -- >> we are in an unprecedented period of time, that is true, mr. speaker. we must act in an unprecedented way. and that is to file the boehner plan. >> reporter: democrats say speaker boehner's bill still has no chance in the senate. but that doesn't mean they have
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wasted time. there is still a chance a final compromise could be crafted from speaker boehner's bill. >> senate majority leader harry reid says his plan is the best compromise and the best solution. >> holds many of the same as a technical default. democrats are not willing to put our economy on the line. >> reporter: u.s. treasury officials are already starting to decide which will trade and which won't. in washington, jay dow, wjz eyewitness news. >> here now is another live look at the floor. house. senate majority leader harry reid says if the house passes speaker boehner's bill, the senate will take it up immediately, and defeat it tonight. count on wjz to keep you updated on the votes when it takes place. federal prosecutors say they cracked a prostitution raingz ring operate -- ring
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operating in baltimore county. mike hellgren has new insights on the secret sex trade. mike? >> reporter: and denise, according to records, this was a lucrative records. police seized a porsche, bmw, cash, a rolex watch. the men behind the scenes were living the life, while the women did all the work. >> retired woman never would have suspected a prostitution ring was just feet from her bedroom. sphses it's difficult to -- >> it's difficult to comprehend how something can go right under your nose and you never know about it. >> reporter: they say it masqueraded as a massage parlor, but the real business was sex. they would fly in women from asia. previous investigations exposed a prevalence of human trafficking, talking to victims whose passports were taken. [ inaudible ] >> only one spoke english. and i felt bad afterwards, but
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they were probably too afraid to tell me what was going on. >> reporter: the feds say the pimps would charge $50 to $60 a trick. the women wouldn't get a cent of it. >> reporter: they'd also swap the women out every few weeks. the ring stretched into pennsylvania, new york, and new jersey. >> there was a girl named tess. i didn't see her ever again. >> reporter: but she saw plenty of jobs. >> i never saw 16-year-olds or anything like that. they were mostly mature men. it sickened me to think, this is someone's grandfather, someone's father, someone's husband. >> reporter: and witnessed a raid on the property. they were banging on the door to open up. and there was only one girl that day. she must have been asleep upstairs. >> reporter: the five men connected with the brothel face 70 years each in prison. >> reporter: prosecutors say many but not all of the women were undocumented aliens. they face international charges because they were transferring
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them across borders. >> investigators used wire taps and gps tracking to build their case. police are identifying the victims of a triple murder and arson. meghan mccorkell is following the investigation. >> the three victims were found dead inside a burning rowhouse this week. police say 58-year-old billy ray lovett, his daughter, and 27-year-old michael jones were all shot to death before the home was intentionally set on fire. police say they're focusing on someone who knew one of the victims. and also trying to figure out if the officers who responded acted appropriately. now, many patients are upset because they called 911 to report gunshots two hours before the fire. but hissay -- police say they left. >> meghan, thank you. police say they have strong leads, based on evidence recovered from the scene. another case of animal abuse is under investigation in baltimore city. someone set a kitten on fire, in the 2400 block of lewellen
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avenue, tuesday afternoon. the cat is burned on its back and belly. it's now in foster care, receiving treatment. the baltimore animal rescue and care shelter is asking anyone with information to call police. controversial comments. a baltimore city councilman's remark, ignited a debate, after he suggests it's okay to lie to 911 operators in order to get a faster response from police. wjz is live from city hall. and derek valcourt talks to the councilman and his critics about what he said. >> specifically, he told some of the people in his district, that they had to tell 911 operators that there was a gun involved in their car, if they wanted faster service from police. police blasted that as bad advice. [ sirens ] >> reporter: in northeast baltimore, burglary victims often complain police took too long to respond to their 911 calls. >> the type of complaint that you talk about, candidly, i've been hearing for 20 years. >> reporter: they heard similar
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complaints at a community meeting at this church in the hamilton hills neighborhood last weekend. that's when he told residents they would get a faster police response by telling 911 there was a gun involved, even if there was not. >> i knew what i was saying the other day. and i knew there was going to be a response. my intent was to bring this issue to a head. >> reporter: keith has been trying to get additional resources for northeast baltimore. after years of complaints from area residents. >> reporter: but his comments did not sit well with police. >> what's wrong with that? >> well, there's a number of things wrong with that. first, it's dishonest. and it's irresponsible. >> reporter: lying about guns put the lives of citizens and police at risk, as officers drive at high rates of speed, responding to a call, where they think a suspect is armed. >> they're probably going to get out of their cars, with guns drawn. and who knows what could happen. >> is it ever okay for someone to say that there's a gun involved when there isn't a gun
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involved? >> well, obviously, i don't want to say to lie to police. no. that's not the intent. the intent is you feel threatened. if you feel someone is breaking into your house, then you need to take steps. but my intent is not to mislead the police in any way. and if they misspoke in that way, then i apologize. what i won't apologize for is the years in northeast baltimore. >> police -- police say that it is best for a caller to 911 to always be truthful. curren stopped short of completely retracting his remark. police say you can be charged with filing false information to police if you lie to a 911 operator. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, derek. >> now, police say if a lying 911 caller becomes a witness during a criminal case, that would put their credibility and the case in serious jeopardy. it's an overcast and humid evening in maryland. right now, heat is making its return.
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bob is updating the conditions. take a look at radar. showers have popped up north and northeast of the city now. from northern baltimore county, over to northern harford county. you see, harvest moving to the southeast. northern baltimore may get to the beltway. perhaps, bel air. you folks in cecil county. northern delaware. southeast pennsylvania, going to see some showers in the next hour or two. maybe a rumble of thunder as well. tomorrow, temperatures are going to run 89 degrees warmer than today. that means tomorrow afternoon, between 11:00 and into the evening hours, take a look at this graphic. we do have, in fact, issued a heat advisory tomorrow because temperatures are going to probably learn the upper 90s. and the heat index tomorrow will be around 1:05. not as extreme as last week. want to get to 120. but it's going to be a hot and humid afternoon. so one of those days, do want to take it easy. and check on the elderly. and be careful with the kids
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outside as well. denise? >> thank you, bob. after a four-month lockout. the weather is perfect for ravens training camp to officially get under way at owings mills. wjz is live at the training complex. sports director mark viviano talked to some of the players about their first practice. >> reporter: well, denise, i can tell you this first off. they're not going to be happy when they hear bob turk's forecast. because today, there were already challenges, regarding the heat. this first day, yes, there was football, but there was frustration that came with it. you'll hear it from coach harbaugh and his comments afterwards. i was standing on the sidelines, when a few of the young players were getting treated for heat-related injuries. and harbaugh yelled at them and said, hey, you guys, this isn't even hard yet and you guys are getting tired. well, welcome to this first- ever, lockout-abbreviated preseason. >> reporter: ravens training camp practice, number 1. three
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hours in stifling humidity. veterans have been through it before and appeared ready for the vigors of the workout. but this ravens camp is one- third rookie. and it was clear, day 1 was a challenge for them. >> the mind is willing, but the body is weak. from a football standpoint, our guys are getting after it. we're short a bunch of guys because of these crazy rules that say you're unrestricted free agents. i guess there's some kind of a rule on that. so we'll get those guys out of here as soon as possible. >> he begins his 16th nfl season. i asked ray how the abbreviated preseason might affect the players and the products. >> i think this. the people that will be affected the most will be the young guys. they don't have the time and the opportunity no more to really grab, you know, those things. everybody is passed. everything is passed. and if you're not a great
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studier, then you fall behind. if you're not a quick learn on the field, you fall behind. >> reporter: well, there was just just one rookie who has yet to make it here to practice. he is top draft pick, jimmy smith. he sent out a twitter message, saying he can't wait to get there, but he doesn't have his contract done yet. ed reed, one veteran of note who is not present, expected here saturday, back on the practice field tomorrow afternoon. and as bob turk told us, it's going to be hot, so rookies, beware. back to you for now. >> oh, yeah. really, really hot. thank you, mark. the ravens will hold a practice open to the public at m&t bank stadium, august 6th. gates open at 9:00 a.m. practice starts at 10:00. stay with complete coverage at the ravens training camp. we'll bring you team updates and the latest players signed and cut. >> i remember doing this, weather two a day, practice twice a day. >> but you were very young, weren't you? >> yes. but these guys are pros. >> yes.
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a soldier arrested with bomb-making colors. planning another attack on the fort hood military base. i'm alex demetrick, coming up, boosting your gas mileage. how does 55 miles per gallon sound? that story as eyewitness news continues. i'm ron matz, with the john brown liberty ship, as history sails into the inner harbor. the story coming up here on wjz. and more heat arriving in maryland. how high will the temperature rise. bob has the updated first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. imagine, driving close to 1,000 miles on a single tank full of gas. detroit wants people to more than imagine it. they want the cars built. alexalex demetrick has more on
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the new fuel standards to be announced tomorrow. >> reporter: you have to have it if you want to drive. but what if you could go further, a lot further, on a fillup. >> i think that would be terrific. we'll save money on gas. >> i think it's great, if it will happen. >> reporter: the obama administration thinks it can. and will rule out new fuel economy standards on friday. cars are expected to get 35.5 miles per gallon by 2015. the white house wants that to 54.5 miles by 2025. a slight scaling back from the initial target of 56.2 miles per gallon. that may seem a stretch, until you see the incentive high gas prices have already created. >> i mean, we just drove down to florida. and last year, i drove my car, got 22 miles a gallon. and now, i have a new car. and i was getting 30 miles a gallon. and that was very, very pleased with that. >> reporter: if technology brings more miles per gallon, will people be able to afford it? it's a question consumers
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already struggle with. >> people are going to look and say, well, wait a minute, i can get a vehicle that does 25 miles per gallon for x, or i have to pay x-plus for one that gets 30. i think they're going to go for the liss -- lesser one at this time. make these cars saleable to the customers at a reasonable price. >> reporter: technology that moves cars at 3 cents a mile is currently out of most people's price range. but proponents see cheaper batteries ahead. >> by 2015, this will tumly -- actually be cheaper than bying -- buying an internal combustion car. >> maybe. but needs to get to 55 miles per gallon. >> according to a study by the research group, environment maryland, cars could save a driver $9,000 over the life of a car. and if you're waiting for someone who is burning a little gas right now, let's check on
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the roads with kristy breslin. hi, vic. hi, everyone. traveling northbound 95, it may take a while. we have a delay there to the fort mchenry tunnel. 50 to wilkens avenue to liberty road. and we still have some brake lights on the north side inner loop, from the harrisburg expressway to providence road. unfortunately, not much better on the north side outer loop. over to charles street. and several new accidents that have just popped up. westbound 195. that one at 95, also southbound 95 at hanover street. that one blocking the right- hand lane. park heights avenue at brooks, robinson drive, and also old york road, at brook avenue. that's there in the whitehall area. let's take a live look. you can see things definitely slowing down there, taking a turn. that is at the harrisburg expressway, right at shawan road. stop in at subway. get the barbecued pulled-pork
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sub. only at subway, eat fresh. back to you. >> thank you very much. she's a piece of living history. and for the next four days, you'll have a chance to see her at the inner harbor. john w. brown has one of only two liberty ships still sailing today. ron matz reports, volunteers are keeping it in operating condition. the john w. brown made a dramatic entrance, as she sailed into the inner harbor. a city fire boat nearby. all 441 feet of her. >> it is huge. huge. very, very impressive. very impressive. i was glad i was here to see it. >> reporter: the historic ship was built at baltimore's bethlehem fairfield shipyard and launched in 1942. she was one of the heroes of world war ii. captain richard bowman. >> she made 13 trips to the med terrarian. was involved in the -- mediterranean. >> she fell into disrepair, until a dedicated group of project liberty ship volunteers brought her to baltimore.
5:20 pm
>> reporter: she was scheduled for scrap. and then the reserve fleet in norfolk. and guys got together and put a plan together. and you know, been very successful. >> seeing her arrive was a thrill. for many standing at the harbor wall. >> it was amazing. amazing ship. that's beautiful. just happened to go by. and here it is. >> reporter: the john braun's all -- brown's all-volunteer crew has sailed her 23,000 miles. visiting all over the u.s. and canada. >> our mission is to memorialize the men and women who built and defended and sailed these ships during the second world war. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> for more information on the ship's visiting hours, log onto our website,, and click on "seen on tv." i hope there's air conditioning in the captain's quarter. >> i'm sure it is. actually, on the boat there, on
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the bay, it's probably not that bad. water temperature in the 80s. a bit of a breeze. tomorrow is going to be hot. 89 now. north winds at 6. dew point is way up from yesterday. up to 71 degrees. humidity, 55%. we'll come back and take a look at that friday heat right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a pretty typical july day. normal high is 87. right now, we're at 89. do have a few showers that popped up. ic to a look at radar. north and northeast of the city. a little batch of rain has popped up across northern baltimore conty. a lot of harford county. it's very light. cecil county. and of course northern delaware. that's where the bulk of it is. and more there as well. but you may see some rain. don't think it will get to the city? even though it's possible. sprinkle might make it down. 89 now. the hot spot down to the south. d.c. at 93. and cumberland at 93. oakland now up to 81, with sun out there. 87, a lot more sun down here.
5:25 pm
91 at easton. and 87, ocean city. the duplicate, once -- dew point, once again, university afternoon, was 54, 55 degrees. this afternoon is way up to 71. that's why we were at 89 with the dew point of 71. makes it feel like 94 in washington. feels like 100 degrees. the temperature at 93. tomorrow, it's going to get worse than today. temperatures tomorrow, upper 90s. heat index, about 105, 106 tomorrow afternoon. and that's why tomorrow afternoon, we'll have a heat advisory. right now, low 80s to the north upper 80s down to the south. right now, we have a north wind. but generally, to the south and southeast all day long. shower and thunderstorm activity across the boundary line between the heat and cooler, canadian air. unfortunately, doesn't look like we're going to get into any of that any time soon. this front moving across the middle portions of pennsylvania and new york. that's the focus point. showers, hot, saturday and sunday. temperatures, way back up again.
5:26 pm
now, saturday, the front of the vicinity. maybe a thunderstorm activity. and a little less humid, late saturday and on sunday. quick look at don. not a strong storm. very small, in fact. heading quickly now off to the northwest. as you can see, up to 16 miles per hour. winds over 46. tropical storm winds are over 39. it's not a strong storm. in fact, this will probably be very beneficial for texas, where the drought has really hit those folks hard. rain for those folks. bay temp, around 84. tonight, maybe a shower or thunder north and east. 72 by morning. tomorrow, then, 98. yes, maybe even thunderstorm with a hot and humid afternoon. ocean city, looks like low 90s. upper 80s on sunday. maybe a shower or thundershower tomorrow night. maybe a better chance sunday. but the water temperature, whoa. 75 degrees. >> wow. >> it's pretty nice. >> good place to be this weekend. >> thank you, bob. still ahead on wjz's
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eyewitness news at 5:00. passengers are paying the price. the disagreement that has airlines raising their fares. did he act alone? new information about the man behind norway's attacks. and investigators believe there is a larger conspiracy. a rec center director is arrested for fondling two little girls. i'm monique griego. coming up, we'll hear from coming up, we'll hear from parents who ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a
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it is 5:30. 81 degrees and cloudy. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talk being tonight. a director has been accused of fondling two girls. monique griego has more on the case which has left many people upset. >> yes! yes, that's him! yes. that's him. >> reporter: parents knew exactly who gregory riewr was when we showed them this mug shot. he helped look after their kids. >> he was a basketball referee, coach. a nice human being. >> reporter: but just last week, police arrested brewer for fonding two girls at the center. >> it was disappointing. >> reporter: court documents claimed brewer hugged a 13-year- old girl, then grabbed her
5:31 pm
breast. >> reporter: after the alleged incident here, the victim confided in another little girl, who said that brewer had touched her, too. except this time, she claims, he touched her buttocks. >> it kind of makes me scared. >> reporter: they say some parents didn't like how brewer behaved around girls. >> always attract their attention. >> right. like they could just cling to him. >> reporter: police documents say brewer admitted to the hug and said he may have accidentally touched the girls' breasts. >> accidentally? no accident. there's no accident. >> i don't believe that. >> no. >> reporter: most said they would let their kids come to the center still, but won't let them be as care-free. >> wherever they are, i have to be. >> reporter: brewer is on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. and we went by his house, but were unable to get him for comment. >> he was booked into jail on a
5:32 pm
$150,000 bond. a u.s. soldier admits to planning an attack on the fort hood army base. investigators say nazir adobo was arrested with bomb-making materials in his hotel room, near the texas military base, where a gunman killed 13 people in 2009. the 29-year-old muslim soldier went awol earlier this month, after he said his religious beliefs would prevent him from fighting in any war. he's in custody tonight. norway's deadly bombing and shooting work was the work of an alone man. that is the conclusion today. they say andres brevick acted without accomplices. and was not part of a network of extremists. security officials say brevic kept his plans to himself for more than a decade. he admitted he set off a car bomb in oslo, before driving to a youth summer camp, where he killed dozens of people. police will interview him for a second time tomorrow. a london is judge will dig
5:33 pm
deeper into a phone hacking scandal that has shaken britain's media empire. tina kraus reports for wjz from london. >> reporter: the british judge, leading the first public hearings into the phone hacking scandal says he will be depanding evidence from witnesses. >> it may be tempting for a number of people to close ranks. and suggest the problem is or was local to a small group of journalists, then operating the news of the world. >> reporter: brian lev levinson said they will look into the relationship with the public, police and politicians. parlparliament grilled -- parliament grilled hupert murdoch. they are accused of hacking the voice mails of murder and will terror victims. the government-backed v investigations will look into allegations that eavesdropping was in others too. several journalists were on the
5:34 pm
panel. helping to expose corrupt practices. >> reporter: police investigations are also under way into hacking and bribery within the force. scotland yard is defending its officers. >> reporter: let me reassure you. corruption is in no way endemic, within the police service, or within the metropolitan police. >> reporter: the acting commissioner says he regrets police officers is allowed senior executives at news international to wine and dine them. he says an ethical adviser is now instructing the force, as scotland yard works to repair its reputation. >> reporter: in london, tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: once the public hearings begin in september, britain's prime minister has given the panel 12 months to produce its first report. >> reporter: the woman who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault makes her first public appearance. the 32-year-old said a lot of what is being said about her is not true. prosecutors have questioned her credibility, after she claims
5:35 pm
strauss-kahn attacked her. now issue the woman thanked the supporters during an emotional speech, where she focused on how she was affected by the alleged assault. >> what happened to me, i don't want that to happen to any other woman. because this is just too much for me. it's too much for me and my daughter. >> reporter: strauss-kahn's next court appearance has been pushed back to august 23rd, to allow prosecutors to complete their investigation. the federal aviation administration is partially shut down after congress couldn't reach agreements on labor rights and other issues. and as betty nguyen reports, consumers are now paying the price in the form of higher ticket fares. >> reporter: the friendly skies aren't so welcoming now. as of last friday, the federal of aviation administration has been on a shutdown. and as a result, the taxes they normally collect on fares has been put on hold. but instead of passing that savings onto consumers in the
5:36 pm
form of lower ticket prices, most airlines have raised their fares. >> instead of looking out for people, they are looking out for themselves. >> reporter: ray lahood agrees. >> average citizens can little afford to pay an additional cost on their ticket. >> reporter: and those additional costs are adding up to big profits. $200 million every week from the extra $22-plus onive $200 ticket sold. a few carriers aren't raising fares. alaska, hawaiian, and spirit airlines, which even started a website this week, called don't tax me, bro, to encourage customers to fight the increase. but not everyone is hopeful. >> you gotta take it because, not a lot else you can do. >> reporter: with the debt crisis taking center stage, it seems the legislative stalemate that caused the faa shutdown will continue, with no relief in sight for flyers or their wallet.
5:37 pm
betty nguyen, cbs news, new york. >> today, lahood urged lawmakers to pass a bill to put the faa back in business and get more than 70,000 workers back on the job. foreclosure rates for the first half of the year were down. according to the foreclosure listing firm realty track, activity sharply declined in the metropolitan areas by 84%, compared to a year ago. one of the reasons, realty track claims delayed action against delinquent borrowers. the maryland institute college of arts gets a major donation. one of their trustees donated $10 million to the school. officials say they will use the money to develop broader relationships with visiting artists and community organization. it will also provide the students with more scholarship money. time now for a look at the
5:38 pm
baltimore sun. the economic impact the development project owings mills could have for the region. what doctors are saying with a shortened nfl training camp. and a guide to otakon. these stories and must stories and much more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast, in wjz's first warning weather team. shark week. the longest-running program event on cable tv will return this weekend. and again, it will teert the work of a baltimore photographer. mike schuh reports, the film captures a number of firsts. >> it's called jaws comes only. the work of baltimore county photographer, nick callianis, from national geographic, discovery channel, and feature film, nick is among the world's best underwater photographers. he nearly died from shark bites. now he's back in baltimore, sharing with us, his story, his latest brush with death. >> the entire cop of -- top of this cage is a wall of flesh. >> reporter: he's talking about the three months he spent
5:39 pm
filming great white sharks near the beaches of maine. >> i was awed. >> that shooting held by his belt. this is the biggest great-white shark ever filmed. and it's just eight miles off the beaches of chatham, maine. under these orange floats, nick's cage. >> nick is in a cage. >> yes. >> the floats are the only thing keeping the cage from dropping to the sea floor. >> scary moment was not just being in the cage, but watching the shark the whole time, the mouth was open. i've never seen a white shark swim around with mouth open the entire time. >> reporter: nick shot these images of a confused shark trying to get off the cage. there are fears she'll cut the floats free. then she thrashes. this is a cage bar. >> this bent. i was right underneath the thing. i am 6'2." the cage is 6'2."
5:40 pm
some, i'm shorter and seeing stars. >> three-di max feature. >> mixed program, jaws returns home, premieres sunday at 10:00. >> i don't know. i hear there are scary things in the chesapeake bay. >> the manatee. still to come up tonight. america's most popular game show host on crutches. the confrontation that left alex trebek in a crash. a pilot crashes and lives to tell his story. tonight, he explains how he survived. bob turk. first warning weather center. hot and humid end to this week. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. clouds around here. a couple of showers well north and northeast of the city. looks like tomorrow, however, will be very hot, humid, uncomfortable, even dangerous day to some folks. heat advisory tomorrow afternoon.
5:44 pm
take a look at temperatures. low 70s to start out. but way up in the upper nientdzs. if we get to 99, we estimate that will tie the record for tomorrow. hopefully in a couple of spots. five-day forecast there. it was gone, folks. i don't know what happened to it. but trust me. let me see if i can get that five-day forecast up real quick. right there. okay. it's coming up. hopefully you'll be able to see it in a second. hopefully. there it goes. okay. for some reason, got hung up. anyway, the next five days, temperatures are going to be in the upper 90s tomorrow, as we said. then a little cooler for early next week. in today's energy saver, conserving water when using your toilet. placed enough water to save up to a gallon each use, or that 10 gallons a day. the average home uses 2 to 4 gallons. all you have to do is drop sand, fill it with water, and
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put it back in. a brick can also do their job. for more information how you can become an energy saver, go to, scroll down to the right-hand side of the page. and click on our special section. thank you. >> thank you, bob. an incredible story out of michigan, where a pilot survived a plane crash. then treaded water for 17 hours until he was rescued. take a look. this is video of the moment michael trapp was pulled to safety. he spent 15 miles swimming without a life jacket until the crew rescued him. today, he spoke about his rescue for the first time. >> instantly, upside down. it was a bit of a violent crash. glass blew in, blew right into me. >> reporter: he said he was pulled from the water by a passing yacht. the pilot is recovering from the crash in the hospital. jeopardy host alex trebek is recovering tonight after hurting his leg while chasing a
5:46 pm
burglar. priya david clemens reports for wjz. >> the answer is... at 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall. >> reporter: what is america's most popular game show host doing on crutches? that was the question on everyone's mind, after alex trebek, host of jeopardy, showed up hobbled at the world championship in northern california. >> my achilles tendon ruptured and i fell in an ignominious happy. bruising my other leg in the process. >> reporter: early wednesday morning, 71-year-old trebek and his wife were sleeping in a san francisco hotel, when an intruder broke into their room, grabbing money and valuables. >> as he entered the room, injured themselves after giving
5:47 pm
chase. the suspect was later apprehended by one of the security inside the hotel. >> reporter: 56-year-old lucinda moyer was arrested by police and charged with felony burglary and receiving stolen property. >> reporter: among the items stolen was one of sentimental value, a bracelet. alex trebek's mom says she gave the bracelet to her son 20 years ago, and he's been wearing it on the show ever since. >> did you get the bracelet back? >> no. >> reporter: while trebek and his wife were never in danger, he is now getting ready to undergo surgery friday. prea davis, -- priya david. >> he will be in a cast for six weeks. we have breaking news from washington now. lawmakers in the house have just delayed a vote on the debt plan proposed by speaker john boehner. so far, there is no word on when the vote will be rescheduled. wjz will bring you the latest tonight at 6:00. check in with eyewitness
5:48 pm
news at 6:00 for all new stories coming up. pleading guilty. an ann anne arundel county man admits pushing a man who couldn't swim into the harbor. how much time he faces in prison. it's a time-honored tradition. you put a message in the bottle and you talk about the sea. this week, one of the bottles landed at a hotel on the coast. and we have the story of the remarkable journey. paula pierce has lived her life by the ocean. last week, it delivered a message. >> it was like being contacted from the past. >> reporter: the message came in this bottle, and it took decades to find its way back to the beach comber motel, her family's business. >> it just like jumped out off the page at me. i was like, that's my father's writing. that is my father's writing! >> reporter: sometime between 1960 and 1980, paula's father put this message in a bottle. it reads, return to 419 ocean boulevard, and receive a reward
5:49 pm
of $150 from tina, owner of the beach comber. >> tina is paula's mother, and thinks her dad wrote it to tease his business-savvy wife. >> reporter: a man found it. he collects messages in a bottle. >> a message and a task like this carries a and weight. and yeah, i'm just glad to be part of that, i guess. >> reporter: traveling direct, it's about 2,000 miles from hampton beach to turks and caicos. but no one knows how many miles that bottle locklogged in the -- logged in the 30 to 50 years it spent in the atlantic ocean. >> reporter: paula's parents passed away years ago. sthaz gave -- >> that gave me chills today. i actually started to cry. >> her father may have sent the message as a practical joke. instead, he gave his daughter a priceless gift. >> and paul paula says she intends to keep the bottle in the family as long as she can.
5:50 pm
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the vatican ambas dor -- ambassador dies following surgery. he had undergone surgery there two weeks ago and was later readmitted, due to a breathing problem. archbishop sandy helped arrange a major meeting between the pope and clerical sex abuse victims in washington in 2008. he was 73 years old. today marks the first world hepatitis day. organizers bring attention to a silent but growing epidemic. more than 3 million americans are infected with hepatitis c. a blood-born virus that kills 12,000 people each year. but a powerful new drug therapy is saving lives. >> i was looking at cirrhosis, liver transplant, or maybe even
5:54 pm
dying from it. >> it wasn't until 1992, after decades of slightly elevated liver enzymes and increasing exhaustion, the doctor finally gave eric the diabetes: hepatitis c. >> he said, well, i wouldn't buy any 30-year bonds if i were you. i was devastated by that. >> reporter: the hepatitis c virus had been infecting and destroying his liver cells, going from smooth and healthy to scarred and stiff. six courses of treatment didn't knock out the virus. >> reporter: the number of deaths from hepatitis dr. is expected to increase from 10,000 to 12,000 a year to about four times that. or 40,000 to 50,000 a year, between 2010 and 2020. unless we do something about it. >> reporter: now something is being done. in may, the fda approved a new class of drugs, known as protise in -- protease inhibitors. adding to the standard therapy, almost doubles the cure rate to 79%. >> this is a big deal. this is the beginning of the
5:55 pm
end for hepatitis c. >> reporter: to begin -- protect the virus from spreading, they attack the enzymes that the virus needs to make copies of itself. determined to beat the disease, michael found a doctor to volunteer and test the new drug cocktail. now -- >> this is good news all around. >> reporter: this experimental scan wave shows his liver has healed. >> definitely better. >> reporter: two weeks after the trial ended, he had no detectal virus. >> here i am now, three years later. and still no problem. i'm having fun, sailing, just enjoying being retired. >> reporter: worldwide, about 10 million people have hepatitis c. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news. >> i'm mike hellgren in baltimore county. where the feds say this was a brothel masquerading as a massage parlor. the dangers for the women who work said -- worked inside. and how the feds brought it -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
5:56 pm
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coming up at 6:00. brothel busted. surprising new information about the prostitution investigation, going on inside a baltimore county home. i'm derek valcourt in northeast baltimore, with controversial comments from a city councilmember, over lying to 911 operators. what he said and why, coming up on eyewitness news. >> and breaking news. just seconds ago, the house decided to delay a key vote in raising the debt ceiling.
5:59 pm
what this could mean. >> and the brutal summer heat is coming back. how long will it last this time? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. hidden in plain sight. pros -- prosecutors say this was there. >> what brought down the operation. >> i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> on the outside, it looked like a normal house. but inside, women traded sex for money. tonight, we're learning more about how the

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